Community Gala
Community Gala

Community Gala is a Web based community designed as a meeting place for those interested in general discussion, free samples, forum games, and more.

Overview:  In July of 2007, Community Gala was created with the intention of giving several on-line communities a place to share ideas, chat, and enjoy each other's company.

Technical Description:  In 2007, the site started off as a simple phpBB forum, and has progressed through several iterations to its current fully functional vBulletin portal system.  While still predomenantly forum based, vBulletin has given the site many additional options including a user friendly portal for quickly viewing featured content, popular forum sections, blogs, and more.

Design:  The current Community Gala design consists of a slightly modified version of the default vBulletin template.  This has the advantage of allowing us to quickly setup a new site, without all the expense of creating a new design from scratch.  Many other free and licensed templates are also available for easy integration into new vBulletin sites, giving almost endless possibilities as to what can easily be accomplished with minimal expense to the client.

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