AJAX Accessibility
AJAX Accessibility

AJAX Accessibility is an internal volunteer project, dedicated to helping the on-line community learn how to make their Web sites more accessible.

Overview:  Starting in 2007, we created AJAX Accessibility as a blog intended to explore how it might be possible to make those Web sites which utilize AJAX programming more accessible to users with disabilities.  Since that time, the site has grown to be a technical resource, focusing on AJAX's usage in conjunction with widely accepted accessibility standards.

Technical Description:  AJAX Accessibility runs off of a customized Joomla installation, which includes a couple of additional components for better content management.  Joomla has the advantage of easily allowing us to update content and add additional articles on the fly, while automatically applying design templates and other customizations as we go.  In the future, we hope to expand upon our tutorials section, potentially bringing on additional authors and editors.  Joomla's administrative tools make setting up additional users a breeze, so everyone has access to what they need, when they need it.

Design:  As with most technical resources, the design for AJAX Accessibility has been kept clean and simple.  When updates to the design are needed in the future, Joomla will allow us to create one new design, and then automatically apply it to every page within the entire site at once.  What a time saver!

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